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Letto – Bird Song

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A little bird singing a love
song that her mother taught
That little bird somehow sings
it over and over

She files very high try to find
the place she first learnt to fly
She files so very high she
wants to seek an answer from the sky

On a misty mountain over the
clear water river
But there's no misty mountain
let alone a clear water river

Reff :
And she just wants to go home
She just wants to be at home
On a misty mountain
But now turned into barren

She just wants to be singing
when the sun rise in the morning
On a misty mountain
But now turned into barren
She doesn't know what happened
All of those trees has been
cut down
In the name of humanity
The river runs dry
Because now clouds refuse to cry

Back to Reff

If I could
Then I would
Try to make us all
Care bout her call

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